Benefits of Participating in the Awards

Digital Inclusion Awards competition is open to all brands, corporations and individuals that have presence in different social media networks.
Digital Inclusion Awards (DIA Awards) recognizes and rewards the organisations that make use of digital solutions to offer their services in an efficient and convenient manner and to transform the lives of their clients.

Digital Inclusion Awards will have an open nomination process, whereby the nominee can either self-nominate or be nominated by clients, colleagues or managers or any other objective person. The Online Nomination Form is available at Those who wish to make nominations may include a brief write up on how the chosen nominees are integrating digital solution in the relevant settings and the impact within the circles of use.

DIA Awards 2018 is based on digital activities executed between August 2017 – August 2018 .

  • Nomination can be done by anyone in the online community or by self.
  • One is limited to nominate once throughout the nomination period.
  • There is no limit to the number of categories one nominee can enter.
  • All nominated accounts must be live/active and accessible online.
  • All entries are submitted to a panel of judges after the close on nomination.
  • The judge’s decision is final.
  • Judges expected to shortlist not more than five nominees per category.
  • All shortlisted nominees are subjected to a public vote.
  • Voting process and tabulation is audited by a respected assurance partner
  • The winner will be determined via a weighted score of the jury and the tabulated votes.

The jury will evaluate according to the scoring criteria. The following aspects among others constitute the considerations forming the assessment criteria:

  • Unique value proposition
  • Business potential of the solution
  • Universality including ability of a solution to be exploited through different platforms
  • Best practice in usage of ICT
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness in service offering
  • Tactical implementation
  • Reduction in Business Operation Cost
  • Increased Business Efficiency and improved Revenue
  • Security features
  • Good user feedback
  • Indicative Results Before and After Implementation
  • Creativity and appeal
  • Presence: Nominee should have digital and online platforms on which clients can get theirs services through
  • Accessibility: The account should be accessible to the public round the clock
  • Creativity & Innovation: demonstrate creativity in content distribution or in offering the services.
  • Content: The frequency with which the organization updates their digital and online platforms
  • Consistency: Should be use network on a regular basis.
  • Engagement: The levels of engagement which the organization has with the clients through the platform
  • Security; The levels of security that the organizations has put to protect the online clients when using the platform.
  • Convenience; The ease of use as compared to the traditional way.

Key Dates:

Date Description
1st June 2018 – 15th June 2018 Call for Nominations Open
30th July , 2018 Nominations Close
1st -30th August 2018 Judging
2 – 13 September 2018 Verification Open
5th October 2018 Digital Inclusion Awards Gala Dinner and Award Presentation